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Author: Mike Bartlett
I have a few gripes with the whole media training industry to be honest. It’s become a very lucrative business in the last few years, with any number of ex-TV producers and broadcasters making a pretty penny by shouting abuse at trembling business executives, filming the whole ordeal and then no doubt, having a good laugh at the resulting recordings once the paying clients have left the building in a state of no little distress.
20 October 2016
Author: Niall Walsh
Financial and corporate PR is an industry which has received its fair share of negative press, and is sometimes the subject of sneering remarks surrounding ‘spin’ or ‘puff’. It is also, however, undeniably effective when done well. We live in an era where public information can fly farther and faster than ever before, and so the way in which individuals and companies construct and communicate their message is incredibly, and increasingly, important.
This expression has almost completely disappeared from the public relations advisors’ lexicon. Gone are the days when someone on the sharp end of a damaging or even incorrect article could take solace from the fact that by the end of the week the offending article would most likely be wrapping their fish and chips.