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Author: James Whitmore
As a journalist, I had a love-hate relationship with MIPIM, the annual global real estate conference in Cannes. I loved leaving grey, chilly London in March for the sunny and glamorous Mediterranean resort. Well, who wouldn’t? But I hated the packed diary, the need to write reams of copy for the paper in London and the pressure to find stories in order to justify your trip to jealous colleagues. With deadlines always looming, it was impossible to relax and enjoy MIPIM in the way that the real estate professionals seemed to do, merrily sinking beers, sipping wine or, even, coffee, in the cafes, boats and fabulous hotels. I was very envious.
Author: Jos Simson
Next week Cape Town will once again play host to the annual Mining Indaba, a significant bellweather event for the state of the mining industry. Last year’s gathering was set against a backdrop of a sector in serious financial distress made worse by a bleak outlook. Column inches were dedicated to speculation as to whether several iconic FTSE100 miners would suffer declines serious enough to fall out of the index – including Anglo American which celebrates its centenary this year. And yet, as 2016 drew to a close, a feeling of recovery (however tentative) had returned to the sector, with mining shares delivering strong gains.
Author: Tony Cooper
In a previous blog, we claimed that Brexit shows up serious issues relating to economic analysis, forecasting and government policy choices. The economic modelling that had been done was focused on the long term effects of Brexit and the consequential impact of changing trade relationships on GDP and thus economic welfare. We now ask whether we are better placed to make an informed judgement after the Autumn Statement and forecasts (23rd November), based on one of the most comprehensive economic models of the UK economy, that of the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR).