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Author: Jos Simson
Friday 14 July 2017 – Tavistock, a leading corporate and financial communications consultancy based in the City of London, is please to publish the results from its European Capital Markets Survey today. The survey, which intends to reflect the current sentiment on the European capital markets, was carried out together with its European network partners. Equity capital market professionals, including investment banking and IPO consultants, were surveyed from the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), France, Benelux (Belgium and the Netherlands) and Great Britain.
Author: David Cracknell
Goodbye and thanks for all the fish. That was basically the message from the mammoth nation of Greenland when it left the EU in 1985. Its exit negotiations, although complicated by relations with Denmark, had taken just three years; but their main interest was cod and it never exactly had any problem with immigration or calls for big contributions to the European budget. So, there is one precedent for a country leaving the EU, albeit a little talked about or studied one; but it gives us some scant evidence as to how matters might proceed.
Author: James Whitmore
As a journalist, I had a love-hate relationship with MIPIM, the annual global real estate conference in Cannes. I loved leaving grey, chilly London in March for the sunny and glamorous Mediterranean resort. Well, who wouldn’t? But I hated the packed diary, the need to write reams of copy for the paper in London and the pressure to find stories in order to justify your trip to jealous colleagues. With deadlines always looming, it was impossible to relax and enjoy MIPIM in the way that the real estate professionals seemed to do, merrily sinking beers, sipping wine or, even, coffee, in the cafes, boats and fabulous hotels. I was very envious.