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Tavistock Insight presents Simon French, Chief Economist at Panmure Gordon

8 July 2015

“Conservatives in, Britain out? What the EU referendum means for business"

Tavistock Insight is a series of small gatherings to hear from industry leaders and sector experts on the most current topics on the news and business agendas. We are delighted to welcome leading economist, Simon French to lead the our next discussion. Simon will talk about how, at first sight, May’s General Election has added political certainty to an increasingly impressive economic recovery story.  But why on closer inspection the result brings the splintering of the E.U. and the U.K. that much closer. Simon will offer an impartial view on the challenges facing policymakers in the coming few years – and robustly challenge some of the accepted wisdoms.

Simon French is the Chief Economist at Panmure Gordon. Prior to joining Panmure he worked for the UK Government, latterly at the Cabinet Office as Chief of Staff to the UK Government COO. He had a central role in implementing the Coalition Government's spending reforms in the last Parliament as well as working on the Government’s Welfare and Pensions reforms prior to 2010. He holds an Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree in Economics & Finance from Durham University.