Article 50: How will Brexit take?

Article 50: How will Brexit take?

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish. That was basically the message from the mammoth nation of Greenland when it left the EU in 1985.

29 March 2017 Article 50: How long will Brexit take?

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At Tavistock, we passionately believe in a best of breed approach. We run global communications campaigns across many continents for a number of clients from London.

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Abuja, Nigeria

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Bogota, Columbia

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cairo, Egypt

Chicago, USA

Dubai, UAE

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Johannesburg, South Africa

Lagos, Nigeria

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Madrid, Spain

Mexico City, Mexico

Miami, USA

Montreal, Canada

New York, USA

Paris, France

Perth, Australia

Santiago, Chile

Sao Paulo, Brazil


St. Louis, USA

Sydney, Australia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Toronto, Canada

Tripoli, Libya